Friday, August 19, 2011

Philly Fun

Hello from Philly and the Healthy Living Summit!

Here is your standard room pic...not too shabby!
I found my roomie, Kelly, at the airport and we made it to the hotel, checked in and headed out on the streets to explore.

First on the list: Reading Market.  Although we will be back later this evening for a fun cocktail party, we toured the market and I quickly fell in love!
We found a delicious bakery with whoopie pies!  These are for you Forbes!
They promised there would be vegan cupcakes tomorrow!  Until then I drooled over these Arnold Palmer treats!
After exploring the market we headed off with nearly 40 or 50 bloggers for lunch.  Of course we overfilled the small vegetarian sandwich shop so we split off.  I stuck with the sandwich shop and enjoyed a grilled veggie sandwich...although I heard all the other lunch options were super delicious too!
On the way back we stopped to cool off with some fro-yo...thank goodness for sorbet and amazing toppings!
I finally got to try Lychee...a fruit I have been seeing around everywhere!  The toppings at this cute place were a very "sweet ending" to the lunch!
Throughout the day there have been plenty of fun blogger social moments...and lots of blogger celebrity sightings...
Gotta love bloggers!
And bloggers gotta love their twitter!

A fun end to the afternoon...
Amazing. Cool. Swag!
Now how will I get it all home?

Yay! I'm at HLS and soon I will be meeting even more bloggers at the cocktail party! 

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