Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Weekend Fun

Look who I found lingering on my phone! 

I just realized I have lots of fun photos I haven't shared from a very busy but exciting weekend.

It all started at a "Members Only" wine tasting at Daveste on Friday evening.
The 2010 Whites were debuted and we were invited.  The wine tasting quickly turned into a drink, drink, drink party as we were served very large "tasters" (aka- half a glass) of each variety.  The evening quickly went from this:
To this:
At least there was food involved...
I must replicate that quinoa salad!

After a very eventful tasting, I couldn't just drive by the TCBY without stopping.
Usually I go for the fresh fruit, but as seen above...the cereal and oreos won my heart on Friday night.

Saturday morning I was faced with an early wake up call, brutal humidity and a 5 mile run.  At least the sweating cleansed my system of any remaining side effects from the evening's tasting.  This is where Dave would say "I didn't drink too much...I was over-served!"

I spent the rest of the day out in the heat and humidity working a booth for Girls on the Run.  Forbes kept me hydrated and fueled with deliveries of ice cold water and large salads for lunch.
Saturday night we played the socialites as we bounced between several parties.  We attended a going away party for our friend John who is joining the Navy this week.  And then we hopped over to the Hudson's for a dinner with their family.
We had a beautiful summer-grilled feast.  We were able to share our photos of Africa and enjoy the company of some of my dearest friends.
I felt as if we had been welcomed right into their very large family.  Now if only they would just invite us over more often!  (hint, hint!)

Aren't you glad you are now caught up on all the weekend's events!?  I couldn't let those fun photos go to waste now could I?

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