Thursday, August 25, 2011

Don't make this smoothie!

After a grueling 18 mile bike ride this morning, I came home and ripped right into my swag stash.  I have been excited about trying these two products and knew that this was a perfect opportunity.  Not only have I been feeling under the weather lately and could use the extra vitamins and superfoods, but I also just completed a 90 minute workout and the protein from the powder would be a wonderful supplement. 

Vega Protein Powders are all vegan, combining "whole food goodness with fast food convenience."  Made from pea, hemp and brown rice protein combined with your daily greens: alfalfa grass, kale, spinach, broccoli sprout and spirulina- this protein powder is packing in the goods.  We were given the Tropical Tango flavor to sample.

Amazing Grass is an antioxidant and greens powder.  Labeled Green Super Food I was excited to pack in the vitamins and nutrients. 

I mixed the Vega and Amazing Grass powders together with a small banana, 3/4 cup of soy milk and about 2 cups of ice cubes for a thick and rich smoothie.
Altogether I packed in over 4 servings of fruits and vegetables, 15 grams of protein and many more micro and macro- nutrients, all in under 400 calories.

Not bad right? Well actually it was.  This smoothie sucked (pardon the language).  Unfortunately for you...and me, I don't know which it was that made it taste so bad.  Was it the Vega protein powder, or perhaps the Amazing Grass.  Maybe adding too many vitamins into one drink is just a bad plan.  Either way, the smoothie was horrible and tasted like medicine. 

Luckily for me, the flavor made me feel like I was actually drinking medicine and therefore my mind is set that it will make me feel better and 100% healthy in no time.  Because of course I drank the smoothie.  Do you know what these sample packs go for in the store...several dollars!  I would never waste that kind of money...even if it was free!  Not to mention my precious bananas and soy milk!  Sure I drank it all down- and maybe I even enjoyed it for a split second.  It was thick and creamy and cold.  But I would never do it again.  Sorry folks, maybe a different flavor!  I love the whole-foods concept and clean ingredient lists of both these products, but its just not worth the flavor.

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