Why Faith?

Why Faith?

Just as I wasn't a vegan growing up, I'm not sure that I could be called a Christian as a child either.  I knew about God and attended church every Sunday, but I had never accepted Christ into my heart.  I lived a Christian life that was more about attendance rather than relationship.  Even though I was confirmed in the church and even continued attending a chapel on campus in college, there was something missing from my life.  When I moved to Wisconsin I rarely attended church, but I knew that I wanted a life that involved faith.

The day Mr. Kummerow asked me to be his girlfriend I told him I would only date him if he attended church with me every Sunday for the rest of our lives.  That began a long journey with Jesus.  We began to attend a Lutheran church nearby the camp but I desperately wanted more from church.  I wanted to be involved and I always knew something was missing.  That something was a relationship.

When we moved to North Carolina we visited many different churches and struggled finding one that fit both of us.  I wanted a traditional church because that was what I was used to.  However, it just wasn't working for Mr. Kummerow.  I compromised and we visited Lake Norman Fellowship, a contemporary Presbyterian church.  It worked for both of us.  It contained traditional elements such as weekly communion, but also incorporated fun music and meaningful teaching.
It wasn't just the church that made a difference in our lives, but the people we met along the way as well.  My first job in North Carolina was at a YMCA where I met some wonderful women who exemplified the role of a Christian woman.  They were faithful, patient, trustworthy and joyful.  I participated in a bible study at work and quickly realized that my way of life was not working for God or for me.

I prayed to God to change my ways and show me the life he had planned for me.  I was forced to make one of the most difficult decisions of my life.  Mr. Kummerow and I were not married at the time but were living together.  I thought he would leave me when I told him that I was no longer comfortable living together.  Instead he was patient with me, and allowed me to take that step because he knew it was important for me.  We weren't sure where the money would come from or how it would work but he supported me as I moved out of our shared apartment.  I was afraid the more my relationship grew with Jesus, the more my relationship with Mr. Kummerow would suffer.  Instead, both relationships grew tremendously and my life was becoming a blessing handed down from God.  By the time we were married, Mr. Kummerow and I had both given our lives to Christ and were living transformed lives.

My faith continues to be my number one priority and the rock on which I live.  Recently Forbes and I visited Zambia together on a mission trip and it refreshed my faith, my attitude and my marriage.  It showed me once again the importance of relationships and boldness of faith.  It ignited a new spirit within me.  

Just as my faith is ever-evolving, so is this blog.  At times my faith wanes, and the blog represents very little spirituality.  Other times I am on fire for Christ and it is evident in my writing.  Always, this blog is a source of inspiration and support for me and always brings me back to where I need to be!

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