Wednesday, August 31, 2011

One. Busy. Day.

We all have coping is one of mine.

Luckily for me, healthy food and exercise is also one of mine.  But unfortunately for me, little of that was included in this very, very busy day.

Today was the start of registration for the Fall 2011 season of Girls on the Run.  I had lots on the to-do list and most of that was driving.  Driving=Hate.  I am a self-professed terrible driver, which means I have to work extra hard to focus and be safe.  Remembering turn signals, driving the speed limit, and just saying NO to my beeping phone are all difficult tasks for me. 

Saying YES to a random stop to snap a photo of a Giant Milk Carton however, well that was easy!
If you look close enough I think it says Soy Milk!

I needed super fuel to get me through this long morning, even if there was no workout in sight for the day.
It started innocent enough with a blueberry bagel that Forbes brought home last night.  But then I got a little wild.  The puree resembling baby food is actually a mix of peanut butter and mashed banana (on the left) and peanut butter and jelly (on the right).  I have heard of folks mixing PB&J before topping their bread, and let's face it, they are right--it is much better!  But even better was mixing my peanut butter and banana for the other half.  Perhaps its not for everyone, but I loved it!
While we are on the subject of puree's:
We'll skip right ahead to my afternoon snack of Rice Cakes loaded with Tomato Tahini Sauce and a small apple. 

What's with the baby food today, you ask?  I am wondering the same thing!

Going with the "no solid food" theme for today, lunch was TCBY.  Yes, occasionally TCBY becomes a meal for me.  Don't judge. 
At least I made sure to top it with all fresh berries and fruits!  This was a great break in my day, and I got to share this wonderful lunch with an amazing friend!
I cannot praise Jill's parenting skills enough.  Her children are so beautiful and well behaved.  And she is such a calm and caring mom!
The laughter was good medicine for this busy day!
Flowers from Forbes
Finally around 4:30pm I settled in at my home office for some last minute tweaks to our registration system.  I had been out of the house/office since 7am and it was time for some much needed work.  On my way into the driveway I said outloud to myself: "I want a present."  (Seriously.  And this being a present outside the flowers Forbes bought for me yesterday and the clothes I picked up at Old Navy earlier today...hey, we all have our own coping mechanisms-I thought we already established that!)

Half expecting my self-prophecy to come true I glanced on my porch hoping for a package of any sort to make me happy. No package, no luck!

By the time dinner was a go, it was also time for a much needed beverage!
I moved the office to my coffee table, so I would seem less of a lush, drinking on the job, and more like a normal person having a glass with dinner. 

I had two requests for dinner tonight: veggies and takeout.

Forbes delivered.
Rice fun with little sauce (otherwise they flood your dish and your veggies drown!)
This meal went perfectly with registration.  The phone rings, take a bite.  Emails go off, take another bite.  It may have taken me close to an hour, but I polished off those veggies!
Then I took a break from the registration chaos and went for a walk.  A quick stop by the mailbox delivered that present I was hoping for!
A new, amazingly soft t-shirt sent by Recipage!  Thanks Emily!  I love it already!  I can't decide which shirt is softer, this one from American Apparel or the HLS shirt from Five Bamboo!  Either way, this was the perfect present and was much needed today!

And speaking of presents, check out this Old Navy find for just $11!
Can't wait to work this weekend so I can wear it!

Ok, the day is done!  We already have over 200 girls registered!  And I think I am going to find some more pureed foods to eat for dessert.  Any guesses? 

How do you cope with busy days?

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