Friday, August 5, 2011

General Store

This morning I was running behind.  I snoozed right through my 6:45am run, and continued to snooze right up until the minute I was to be out the door and on my way to Union Grove.  Do you know how far Union Grove is from me?  Nearly 40 minutes!  How can it seriously be in the same county and so far away!  I was nearly to the mountains before I reached my destination, a whole 20 minutes late.  Thankfully my casual meeting at the elementary school was not affected by my tardiness.
After the meeting I explored North Iredell for a bit.  I mean I drove all the way up here...might as well make use of the gas. 
This cute-as-can-be General Store was right across the street from the school so I popped in to find this generous display of Moon Pie's.  Of course I brought home a mini for Mr. Kummerow.  I also found the store owner to be very charitable.  He must have seen the worn look on my face, or perhaps its just their policy, but he offered me a free cup of coffee.
Caffeine isn't really my thing...but who am I to turn down free coffee! 

Craving breakfast and knowing I was still more than 40 minutes from home with about 10 more errands I made a quick jaunt out to the Amish community to a different kind of grocery store.
Yesterday I explored a new EarthFare, and today the Shiloh General Store!
Bulk items and homemade goodies covered the shelves.  Although I wanted to fill my arms with exciting flours and rices, I made it in and out with just a PB&J on homemade Amish Wheat Bread.
And another free coffee...these people up north sure are generous!
I had an audience while I savored my breakfast (at 11am, no less)
If curiosity killed the cat...well you know
Their might have been dead cats if Forbes had been around.  He believes they are the devil reincarnate and would not have tolerated the attention they were giving. 

Sidenote: This photo always cracks me up!  I sent it to Forbes once and I'm pretty sure an evil cackle escaped his lips!  
What are your plans for the weekend?  I am so excited for ours!  Tonight we were invited to an exclusive wine tasting at Daveste.  "For members only"!  And tomorrow we will be quite the socialites with 3 different parties to attend! 

Have a great weekend!

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