Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pulling an "Africa"

My favorite go-to meal is the Eggless Salad Sandwich.  This recipe uses staple ingredients that I always have on hand so it is easy to fix in a pinch.  As our lives continue to revert back to "normal" we are finding ourselves quite busy and a meal like this is simple and quick to pull together in the middle of all the errands and meetings.
Along with Eggless Salad we have been inhaling so much Butternut Squash Mac and Cheeze!
We had a fun, impromptu potluck about a week ago and I fixed a double batch of this casserole. We ended up eating only one, so I stored the other in the freezer until just yesterday.  We pulled it out and can you believe it is already gone?!  It is so good, we even decided to make a few extra casseroles last weekend to bring to some of our friends. 

When we pulled up to the Johnson's bearing the dish they said "Oh, no, the Kummerow's are pulling an Africa!"  A few weeks ago we presented to the church about our Africa trip.  I joked with the congregation that if they didn't show up to church on Sunday that Forbes and I would be around knocking on their doors to pray with them.  After all, that is how they do it in Africa.  Perhaps out of true concern, not just pure humiliation, but when you don't show up to church in Mwandi you get a visit from the pastor or the elders. 

So when we drove into the Johnson's driveway on Sunday bearing food and prayers they termed the visit "pulling an Africa!"  I kinda like the name!

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