Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday Scoop

Good morning friends!  I just finished another sweaty run and have a full day ahead so let's jump right into it...


Finally back into the swing of things.  My favorite part about working out lately is my consistency.  I am not currently training for anything or trying to reach any particular goals.  I am just hitting the gym for the fun of it.  Honestly!

Sunday: Rest
Monday: Total Body Group Class
Tuesday: Biked 14ish miles
Wednesday: HIIT, I followed Tina's workout here
Thursday: Run 4 miles
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Run ~5 miles

The grill and fresh-from-the-garden produce are the perfect marriage of food and cooking styles in August!  I really loved this marinated tofu combined with the sweetness of the peaches served over Southern grits!

Tofu and Peach Kabobs


Nothing is too small for God.  Even our eating habits can be taken to God in prayer and petition.

"...the simple act of saying a blessing before each meal and asking the Lord to help me not make an idol of my food.  Pausing before eating to choose what foods are going to make my body feel its best.  Choosing to be joyful about special occasions and enjoying treats rather than allowing myself to feel guilty for them. Eating healthy can and should be liberating, not restrictive and guilt-ridden.  Just as living under God's law is freedom for Christians.  It provides protection and assurance and boundaries that are meant to keep us safe and well. "
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Friends of the furry kind!  This week my good friend and workout buddy, Ashley, moved to Atlanta.  We had an "anti-house warming" to send her off and everyone (but me) brought their dogs for a fun get together.  I was a little out of my league with 5 pups swarming my feet, but it was still a great time. 

So long Ashley!  I miss you already!

The foto of the week is yes...a chair!  I love it though!  And I just had to share it with you one last time.  It makes me smile each time I walk through my living room.  Tonight I will be picking up that last mysterious piece.  Can't wait to share!

Have a great Saturday! 

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