Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Saturday Scoop...on Sunday

And now I'm finally home from the Healthy Living Summit!  After several delays, some crazy storms and frustrating moments I was reunited with Forbes and made it back home safe and sound.  It has been a whirlwind weekend and I can't wait to share with you more photos and recaps but right now I'm just too tired.  Let's just wrap up the week shall we?


Monday- Total Body class
Tuesday- bike 15 miles, run 2 miles
Wednesday- 3 mile run, 2 mile walk
Thursday- run 4 miles
Friday- rest...and lots of travel
Saturday- 4.5 miles in Philly with HLS friends!


Forbes has been in charge of the cooking around the Vegan Faith house lately.  With him doing the cooking, I have spent very little time in the kitchen which has been very refreshing.  However, last week I did have a special treat of baking bread with Kelly.  This Multi-Grain Loaf was delicious and hearty!  It took a lot of time but was totally worth it in the end!


This week I had a Surprise visitor!  You can read more about who and how it is related to faith on Monday's post.  I love when I can visually see God working in my life and planning things for me.  It helps me to believe and trust even more that I have a Savior and I am loved!


HLS friends of course!
This morning we participated in the Together Counts 5k Fun Run/Walk with most of the HLS'ers!  It was more of a walk than a run which gave me the opportunity to catch up with many of the bloggers before we had to bid farewell today! 

And the winner is...Foodie Fresh, in all her goofy glory!  Love ya girl!  Had a blast with you at HLS this week!

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