Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday is a Winner

Hello Monday!

While hectic and much fun!  I didn't even mind the 6am wake up call knowing how much was in store for the day.

Truth be told, adjusting to this new schedule has been difficult.  Instead of a 7am (er...7:30, 7:45, 8:00am, finally turn the snooze off and roll out of bed) alarm, we are now abiding by our fall schedule and getting up at 6.  After our usual liter of water, bible study and breakfast, Forbes is out the door and I'm in the office by 7am.  I miss having him around during the day but already my productivity levels are raging!

Today I worked all morning before taking a coffee break with a long, lost blogger friend.
You may know Brittany from such blogs as A Healthy Slice of Life or my previous posts about this wonderful mommy-to-be!  Today I treated her to a refreshing cup of iced DECAF coffee.  She asked me to be sure to include the decaf bit.

We chatted about blogs, HLS (which she unfortunately couldn't attend), jobs, hubby's and of course the impending arrival of Baby D! 

It was a welcome break from my busy schedule, but before I knew it it was time for lunch and I had to high-tail it out for a quick bite before afternoon meetings.

After completing my work day, I got my sweat on at Holly's Total Body class...rough explains it all.  Then I had big plans for dinner and a recipe for the blog...
...and while it looks mighty tasty, this curry dish needs a few tweaks.  Hint: don't add okra to your stew.  Bad choice.  I like okra, but the gooey texture was all wrong.  We managed to choke it down.  The flavor was spot on, but next time I will include cauliflower or tomatoes instead.

Instead of a recipe, I have a winner for you!  Remember my Share the Love Giveaway from Friday?  Well thank you to everyone who commented.  I used a random number generator and number 9 is my winner!  That would be you Hannah Bowman!  I am getting ready to jump in the kitchen now to whip up a batch of those delectable cookies, so email me your address and you will get some love this week! 

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