Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Store, New Cookbook

HELLO BEAUTIFUL! Where on earth(fare) did you come from?

Forbes came home from errands this afternoon with a big announcement.  He stumbled upon this EarthFare in Huntersville, just 10 minutes away! 
I love this new store!  Of course we had to jump right in the car and head back down so I could check it out.  Their bulk foods section is phenomenal, and their deli cases are stocked.  It must be opening week because they had samples set out everywhere.  I am so excited for this new grocery store.  So much closer than Charlotte!  Of course now I have spoiled my dinner with all the samples.

Last night I finally cracked open my new cookbook for dinner.  Don't be fooled, I have already read the book cover to cover...but I first had the opportunity to test one of Mama Pea's recipes just last night.
I read on the Blogger Book Tour somewhere that Mama Pea's favorite recipe is the Thai Crunch Salad.  Of course that had to be the first on my list to recreate. 
With cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, scallions and edamame, this salad was packed with fresh ingredients and flavors.  The dressing had the sweet and salty distinguishing taste of Thai food and just as she suggested in the book, we included her delicious Teriyaki Tofu. 

This salad is so delicious I served it up again for lunch today with friends.  I have always loved recipes from Peas and Thank You blog, and now I am so lucky and happy to have the cookbook in my home as well! 

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