Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stress-Free Office

It has been a long road, but we are now about 90% complete with my office renovation.  Thanks in part to the find folks at Ikea, the GOTR budget and my wonderful husband.  Our office used to be a mess of inefficient storage, clunky-space eating desks, and no filing system.  It has come a long way!
These photos are mid-progress.  We had some shelves up, the filing cabinet put together, and a drawer unit assembled.  Yesterday I plowed through all the paperwork, organizing and tossing.  Organizing and tossing.  That was my mantra.
What a mess!
Slowly the office began to take shape. 
Everything has a home now.
I just love this wall!  The floating shelves house the binders and notebooks I access the most, along with some really great running memorabilia.  (The trophy is Forbes')  Below is this great hanging rod that holds cups.  All of my pens, pencils, sharpies, chalk, etc are now stored neatly in each cup.  The rod also holds my running medals.  I really love that I now have a great way to display them!
Below the rod is an "Alex" drawer system that hold all the other office supplies, printer paper and copies for Girls on the Run.  It is such a great system, and I just love having drawers!
We got rid of the two separate file cabinets and brought in this new one.  There is so much room to grow into! 
The closet before was not well organized.  It still isn't perfect, but everything fits like a charm!
And the doors shut!  Giving the room a peaceful aura!  I need that to focus and concentrate on work!
In the center of the room we brought in a new work station. 
Rather than take up precious wall space with not one, but two desks, we opted for this table top that is large enough for both Forbes and me!  It is great!  We can both be sitting at the desk together doing work and have plenty of room. 
With all the extra wall space, we have plenty of storage so our desk top can stay uncluttered, leaving plenty of work space.
When we visited Ikea earlier this week they were out of the standing wall shelves I planned to purchase so we will have to wait until we return tomorrow.
We plan to assemble the shelves right where that map is currently.  Hopefully it will hide the mess of wires from our wireless router and copier.  Until the shelves arrive tomorrow, I have neatly organized everything into baskets along the back wall.
Those baskets are eagerly awaiting their new home! 

Our office has had quite the transformation this year.  We have struggled to find an efficient use of the space while running a small non-profit and our own household within the same space.  Check out these other posts detailing our office transformation:

Alexander the Great

I have to say I am quite pleased with the outcome.  I love all the white and how it contrasts our chalkboard wall.  We have a little pop of color here and there, but overall it is a calming space.  I can see many productive workdays in my future!

After so much hard work in the office yesterday, we needed a satisfying dish for dinner.
Yummo!  Another round of Vegan Macaroni and Cheese!  And now I am about to go enjoy the leftovers for lunch.  I am so hungry after another intense workout session with Marsha today.  I am waiting on the edge of my seat for Forbes to get home so I can EAT! 

Next on the agenda...a major garage overhaul.  And did I mention we are leaving for Africa in 5 days!? 

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