Saturday, September 11, 2010

Flatiron Kitchen + Taphouse

I read about this new restaurant just yesterday in a magazine and I was dying to try it.  So when Andy mentioned he wanted a nice meal out, I was disappointed to miss out on cooking, but also very excited to check out the Flatiron Kitchen and Tap House
Well nothing tops dinner out with friends, so I sucked it up and enjoyed the whole experience!
The meal started with a yummy and simple appetizer.  We were all so hungry so we chose the only vegan starter: Yukon Fries.  Again, simple but delicious.
Yukon fries with aged cheddar fondue and black pepper gravy
Also to start the meal, I convinced Mr. Kummerow to share a flight of local brews with me.  I liked the first two, he liked the second two better.  Perfect.
What I have not yet mentioned, is why I was dying to try out this place.  Flatiron Kitchen is brand new in a very fun part of Davidson, a nearby town.  The restaurant itself is so quaint and we sat at a wonderful booth (I'm picky about my restaurant seating: can't be in the middle, can't have my back to all the people, can't be too cold, etc.) But what really drew me here was the local and organic ingredients they serve.  The chef shops at the Davidson Farmer's Market every weekend, they bring in local cuts of meat from farmer's in the area and local seafood.  So although there were no vegan options on the menu to speak of, I needed to go and try it.  My favorite menu item at any restaurant is when I can ask for a "chef's special", aka whatever the chef is in the mood for.  Knowing that the chef at Flatiron was an acclaimed culinary professional I assumed the establishment would have no problem fulfilling my request.  On several other occasions, I have made this request, and it has turned out disastrous, but at least on one occasion (Valentine's Day this year) it has been delightfully successful.

Flatiron Kitchen + Taphouse is the centerpiece of Davidson, NC's Main Street Showcasing Chef Tim Groody's pioneering work with the Farm-to-Fork movement, Flatiron features local farmer produce, dairy, and proteins artfully presented by Chef Groody. 
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Because of my past success with the "chef's vegan special", even Mr. Kummerow decided to play my game, so we both ordered a meal not included in the menu.
My only disappointment in the creation was the small serving size. (umm...hello, did I mention I ran 9 miles this morning!)  Overall Mr. Kummerow and I were very satisfied.  I'm not sure what was included, a purple rice with asparagus, broccoli and it looks like julienne squash possibly in a balsamic reduction.  Either way, it was delicious! And I enjoyed every last bite, if only I had about 6 more bites!
Dinner, served with a glass of Pinot Grigio and I was happy!  Make that two successful "chef's vegan specials" I have encountered now!

As I mentioned, this restaurant isn't just for vegans, in fact at first glance you wouldn't think a vegan could survive inside these doors.  So for your pleasure I also snapped photos of Andy and Brittany's meals:
Double R Ranch Hanging Tender served with mashed potatoes and roasted corn and spinach
Shrimp and Scallop Linguine
Both raved about their choices as well!  Again, small serving sizes, so both Andy and Brittany opted for dessert.  On the upside, Flatiron does offer homemade sorbet that was all vegan, but I wasn't in the mood for sorbet.
Andy's donuts really stole the show.  Served in a paper bag with mascarpone drizzle.
Oooh, don't they look so good.  The only thing stopping my intense desire for these was knowing how I would indulge in the vegan donuts in Vegas in two weeks! (More about that one soon)

We enjoyed a fabulous night out.  Decided to skip on the movie and head home for some cards and more cocktails.  Overall I would give this restaurant a huge score.  If anyone from there ever happens to stumble on my blog...please just up your portion sizes.  Otherwise...this was terrific!

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  1. Tanya!...Looks so awesome. I'm psyched. Going there this next Tuesday for a neighbors lunch! thanks for the fun pics and update. :) abby