Monday, December 3, 2012

Cyber Birthday: Remember When

Happy Monday friends!

We missed a big event Third Cyber Birthday.  When I think back to three years ago, and my blog beginnings, I am amazed at where I am.  I could not have created this life for myself...God is certainly directing my steps.  And I am so blessed.
Last year's Cyber Birthday was a big deal!  I spent so much time improving the blog and making it better than ever.  Well, nothing has changed on the blog since then.  Vegan Faith definitely took a backseat role this year.  I just read my post from last year and I quote: "Vegan Faith is 2 years old today!  How can that be?  My baby is all growing up so fast!  I wonder what the terrible two's will bring!"

So what did the "terrible two's" bring? It was quite an interesting year.  And it is safe to say Vegan Faith is no longer the baby in the house.  There is a bit of competition!
So let's play the "Remember When" game to catch up on another amazing year!

Remember When Alex and I started the journey to become missionaries?

Remember When we decided to sell all our belongings?

Remember When I started reading the book 7 and started a crazy fast of only 7 foods?

Remember When my mom ran her first (and only) 5k with me on my birthday?
Remember When two weeks into my fast I found out I was pregnant and those 7 foods became my least favorite foods ever!
Remember how sick I was? (I do!)

Remember When we went to Denver to meet with Christian Associates and were accepted into their organization?

And then when I was feeling so overwhelmed with the pregnancy so we stepped down from mission training.

Remember When we found out our baby was a girl ?
Remember When I announced I was no longer vegan even though I write a blog called Vegan Faith!?

Remember When my baby girl was born, 10 days early, surprising us on November 6?

Everything since then has pretty much been a blur!  This year was certainly all about Eleanor.  Definitely not about food!  I could not have predicted where we would be a year ago, but I am so happy.  It has been quite a year of transitions and changes and yet at the end of it all, I feel happier than ever, full of joy, and much in love with my precious family and my amazing Savior Jesus Christ!  I am so thankful for this blog to document it all, and I am so thankful for all of you for reading and also praying for us and encouraging us.  It is such a blessing!

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