Friday, December 14, 2012


Yes, I realize it is no longer December 12, 2012.  But the day was so important it deserves a post of it's own.

Yesterday two very big things happened, and I didn't get to be there for either of them.  It was a tumultuous day for me in that sense.  It is hard to watch major life events unfold and want to be somewhere so bad, and not be able to make it.

My best friend Angie has an older sister who is beyond amazing.  I've only met Stephanie a few times: I had the pleasure to camp out at her house once on our way home from Chicago and also attended one of her Arbonne parties here in NC.  But though I never spent much time with Stephanie I knew her well through the many conversations I had with Angie, mostly while running.  Stephanie is a fighter.  Angie and I may have run many races together, but Stephanie is the true example of strength and endurance.  She battled cancer for 7 long years.   Sadly last week her fight with cancer ended but her pain was relieved as she passed away.  Yesterday they laid Stephanie to rest.
Alex and I discussed the possibility of attending the service in Ohio.  He couldn't get time off work and the only other option would be for me to drive there alone with Eleanor.  I actually tossed around the idea for several days but decided it wouldn't work.  I wanted to be there for my friend Angie.  I wanted to be there to honor the short but wonderful life Stephanie lived.  I just wanted to be there.

Just a few hours after the service would have taken place, I received a voice mail from my dad.  It was time, Diana was in labor and they just arrived at the hospital.  I was giddy with excitement and couldn't help but text Diana a million times, even though I knew she wouldn't read them.  It wasn't much longer and we received the great news that Kolbie Elaine Koch was born, healthy and beautiful and with a full head of black hair!  My reaction was to jump in the car and drive there...but wait, they are in Missouri.

Once again I looked longingly at Alex and we devised a plan that I would drive there with Eleanor and he would fly up later next week.  But once again, I realized what an enormous task it would be in a car by myself with an infant for 10+ long hours (not including stops) and remembered why our original plan was so good.  So I resigned to knowing that I would meet Kolbie on Thursday or Friday next week; mom and baby would have time to get home from the hospital and adjust to their new life before we arrived. 

So yesterday came and went.  And I remained in North Carolina.  While all around me life was carrying on, it was these two events that were on my mind.  Life is precious, and it is scary.  It is painful, yet full of sweet moments.  It is sometimes unfair, confusing and ugly.  And sometimes it is amazing and beautiful.  Yesterday was all these things.

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