Monday, December 3, 2012


Another weekend has come and gone.  Weekends are so special now because our little family gets to be all together.
We definitely made this weekend count and spent lots of time as a family and lots of time with friends.  We started Friday with a Family Date Night at Christmas in Davidson. 

Saturday morning we started the day with breakfast out.
 Eleanor was the star of the restaurant.  Everyone complimented her.  She showed off for the crowd.
Later we ran errands including our first grocery shopping trip with Eleanor.
Then we welcomed more visitors! My mom came back, this time with my big sis and her son, my nephew.
Lots of baby cuddling ensued before we headed back to Davidson to bring the whole family for the last night of the Christmas event.
Sunday started with bath time!
Eleanor's first bath.  She was a little confused but seemed to enjoy it ok.
My favorite part is "towel time."
She is just so sweet!

Our normal Sunday routine followed with church and then football.  We finally caught our first Bears game since Eleanor was born.  Alex and Eleanor were decked out for the occasion.  Don't mind the grumpy face, she actually really enjoyed the game!
My mom and sister and nephew humored us while we sat at the restaurant watching until half-time.   Of course Eleanor kept them entertained.
And Steph's raw oysters kept Taylor entertained.
The rest of our day was pretty laid back.  We were all pretty tired.
So now another Monday is upon us.  Alex is back at work, but I have lots of helpers around the house.  My mom "babysat" for two hours this morning while I cleaned and got some work done.  Today is my first official day back to work.  Just very part time, but it is nice to have the extra hands while I transition into a working mom.  Wish me luck!

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