Wednesday, December 2, 2009

the Beginning

So I suppose the most logical place to start would be... the beginning.  For me the beginning of this dream- wedding planning- started at own wedding.  I've always known that event planning was what I wanted to do.  But weddings became my focus because I had such a blast planning my own wedding.  I married my one true love last year, November 9, 2008.  We just celebrated our one year anniversary and even after that whole year, I still look at my own wedding album at least once a week.  I am truly obsessed with my wedding. Ask anyone, they will tell you, that I just really think my wedding kicked butt.  We had so much fun, it was a beautiful day, and not to toot my own horn (but I'm going to anyway) but the day went off without a single hitch.  I had some help with my wedding.  The planning was all me and Alex (the groom) but we did utilize a few others to help with the day of coordination.  My good friend Susan Wolff helped direct the timing of the know: grooms men in places, bride hidden from groom, ring bear walk down the aisle now, bridesmaids now, and finally time for the Bride!  At the bare minimum I suggest all brides have a ceremony director. Even if it is just a friend helping out.  Otherwise the bridesmaids will be out of order, the violinist will be playing the wedding march while your grandma is walking down the aisle, or worse, the groom might get a sneak peek before the ceremony begins!  The other help we received was from the Wedding Coordinator for the reception location: Julie Greene.  Our wedding was a Charlotte Uptown event!  The ceremony was at St. Mary's Chapel and the reception at the Holiday Inn in uptown.  Julie was fantastic in coordinating the vendors on the wedding day.  If your reception location does not offer a coordinator built in to your package, this is also a must have person.  On the day of the wedding all of your vendors are arriving and they all need to know where to put everything.  Trust me brides, you do not want to deal with this the day of your wedding.  You have your hair to get done, your make-up and usually a few bridesmaids to round up.  Basically, you do not want to stress on your wedding day, there is so much to stress about before the big day!  But see, that is where I come in.  I love to stress.  Ok, maybe that is crazy...but the hustle and bustle of planning a wedding is super fun for me.  So thus a dream was born.

Check out these websites:

Photos from the "Big Day"
On top of the Holiday Inn Center City-great photo op
In the trolley on the way to the reception!

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