Saturday, March 3, 2012

Birthday 5k With Mom

Welcome my mom to the 5k club!  She is the newest member, along with many others who ran their first 5k at this morning's Coolbreeze Multisport Challenge race. I am so proud of my mom!  We had such a good time.

Also along for the ride were some of my very best friends!
Elizabeth, Shannon and Melis (whose real birthday was today...mine isn't until Monday!)

Elizabeth ran with me last year on my birthday and it is so amazing to see her exactly a year and two babies later (she had twins back in December) and I couldn't be more proud of her.  Elizabeth is a serious mentor and hero for me!

And let's not forget Melis, who completed this 5k on her birthday, 8 months pregnant!  Love that girl, so inspiring. 

And Shannon, who is even crazier than me, because she was the one who first decided to do the 7 fast.  This is our second 5k we have done together!
And now I'm leaving out one very important person...
Of course Forbes was there, and of course he rocked this 5k with a PR!
We all had such a great time! 
Forbes and I got to show off our new running shoes from Charlotte Running Company.  We both decided that they were seriously comfortable to run in as well. 
Oh, I forgot, mom and I had another running buddy, MyKing, her sheltie.  He is a good motivator.  With his help we finished strong!
Unfortunately right near the end, he tripped us up just a bit and mom took a bit of a stumble.
Not to worry, we picked right back up and that didn't stop us one bit!
Straight to the finish:
Such a great morning!  The weather held off and we enjoyed mild temps and cloudy skies.  Straight away we headed to Starbucks where we met up with more friends and then off to lunch. 
Favorite sign ever.  Must use for next time I get to be a cheerleader at a race! 

Now it is Siesta time in the Kummerow home.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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