Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Live Nativity

Today feels like vacation because I am in full-swing vacation prep mode.  I've got the laundry going, the suitcases out, food cooking for the road trip (not paying for fast food!) and thankfully a snoozing baby to help me get this all done.  We leave first thing tomorrow morning, and by first thing, I mean 3am! 

But before I get ahead of myself  I want to rewind back to last night's festivities.  We were honored to be asked to participate in a friend's Christmas gift.  Let me explain.  Michelle is obsessed with Nativity sets.  She absolutely adores them and collects them.  Her husband Kevin usually gives her one as a gift and this year he wanted to make it extra special.  Fortunately for Kevin, the Kummerow family was the perfect threesome to make his special plan work this year with a "Live Nativity!"
Alex and I arrived at their house a little before 6:30 last night and stalked out a spot behind trees on their lawn.  When the front door opened and Keven led Michelle outside, we posed in the yard as Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.  It was so much fun and Michelle loved her gift!  And I loved making our costumes and helping surprise a friend!

Of course they welcomed us in for dinner after that (per the plans).  Thre was one other couple joining us for this dinner party and Kevin convinced Michelle that they were vegetarian so she wouldn't be thrown off by the menu of choice.
Kevin is a wonderful cook.  We enjoyed homemade grape leaves, citrus couscous, and spinach salad.  And for dessert he made a Vegan Vanilla Cake from the latest Endurance magazine!  It was all fantastic. 
And speaking of fantastic!  I know this photo does not do it justice, but their street has the best light display.  Many of the neighbors put up lit ornaments in the trees outside and it creates a beautiful canopy as you drive down the street. 

It was such a fun evening and a great way to celebrate Christmas with our friends before heading out on the road tonight!

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