Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Weekend

It's a special edition of my regular weekend posts! This week we are in Missouri celebrating with family.  We arrived on Thursday afternoon after a long but very enjoyable road trip.  Eleanor wasn't sure what to think about the many hours in the car but she was a trooper!
Our first stop in Missouri was my sister Diana's to meet her new baby girl.

I didn't realize how much Eleanor had grown until we put her side-by-side with Kolbie.  Look at that difference.
It is hard to remember Eleanor that tiny.  And she was even smaller at birth.

Kolbie is such a sweet little girl.  I fell in love with her instantly.  I am so thankful we have this time to spend with family.  This year seems extra special!
On Friday morning my dad finally got to see Eleanor and Kolbie together.  He was pretty amazed by how much Eleanor had grown in just a few short weeks.  We relaxed around the house for much of the morning before Alex and Eleanor and I headed into town to get some last minute Christmas shopping done.  By the way, Christmas shopping on the Friday before the big day is so much easier in Cape than it is in Mooresville.
Saturday started slow just like Friday.  We relaxed around the house for several hours before packing up our bags to head to mom's house.  After a little grocery shopping we enjoyed lunch out with our friends Andy and Brittany and their son Matthew.  They followed us back to my mom's to hang out.
They were so excited to meet Eleanor and stayed for several hours catching up on all that is new.
The entire afternoon was so much fun, playing with babies, talking with old friends, visiting with mom.
Saturday evening we had a family dinner at mom's.  Everyone made it except my brother William.  He is stuck working at the nursing home over Christmas.  We missed him dearly, but I really enjoyed this time with my family.
This year just feels so very special!
The babies bring so much joy into our lives. 
We made a delicious but simple holiday meal complete with a Honey Baked Ham, Waldorf salad, baked sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, rolls and some sort of cottage cheese-jello dish.
We also had this amazing spread of Christmas cookies for dessert that my mom collected from the cookie walk at her church.  Amazing!
After dinner we settled in the living room to watch the Odd Life of Timothy Green, and I proceeded to fall asleep on the floor, I was so exhausted.  It was such a wonderful evening!

Although we are in Missouri, our Sunday felt very much the same as any Sunday.  We went to church, had lunch and watched the Bears play football.  This weekend we attended my mom's church.  Then my mom and sister babysat Eleanor while Alex and I got out to watch the game together.
So much fun to be out on our own again, and I know Eleanor was well taken care of!
Taylor just loves his baby cousins!
We are once again relaxing on the couch and watching Christmas movies on TV.  We have had such a wonderful time in Missouri already and it is still just beginning.  It's not even Christmas Eve yet and we still have more Christmas celebrations with my dad to come!  I'm not sure there is a better time of year than Christmas! Merry Christmas to you!

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