Wednesday, December 26, 2012

WIAW: A very merry Christmas indeed

Welcome to the Christmas edition of What I Ate Wednesday. 

We had an amazing, yet unconventional Christmas day.  My parents and my brother worked, my little sister was with her in-laws, and that left Alex and me and Stephanie.  
We woke up slowly.  Eleanor gave us a wonderful sleep-in.  Then I convinced Alex to go for a run with me while Steph babysat.  We managed a full 5k for my first official post-pregnancy run.  Our pace was good, a little under 10 minute miles.  I think the brisk winter air helped push us along.  We relished in the warmth of mom's house when we returned.  After a hot shower I enjoyed this breakfast:
Plain old oatmeal garnished with half a slice of pumpkin pie, raisins and soy milk.  Yum!
I realized it was 11am as I finished my bowl of oats.  How did that happen?  Lunch came quickly after.
 I made a simple salad of romaine, grapes, celery, and granola.  Yup, granola.  Drizzled in honey mustard dressing.  Not bad.  I also had a sampling off the cookie tray.  I enjoyed a homemade chocolate covered cherry and a handful of puppy chow.  

Before we left mom's we made a plan to meet Stephanie at the new casino later for Christmas dinner.  And then we were off to dad's for the rest of our visit.  

We are planning our official Christmas dinner at my dad's on Wednesday evening, so when we got to his house, we started baking and preparing.
Alex worked on the fudge while I made Empire Cookies, a Kummerow family favorite.

Christmas Day seemed to just fly right by.  Before we knew it, it was already dinner time.  Since we didn't have any official plans for dinner, it just made sense to check out the new casino and indulge in the buffet.
It is large and full of lights (as expected)!  My dad gave us a quick tour before we sat down at the Farmer's Pick Buffet.  It isn't often we eat at buffet's, but when we do it is such a treat (think Wynn Buffet circa 2010).  I was excited for the crab legs and oodles of vegetable options!
And although I was super excited for the dessert bar, I was not very impressed.  Best things I ate all night: the herb encrusted roasted tomato (center of the top right photo) and the cookie bar (bottom right photo).  I ate the arms off of an over sized Gingerbread man, and had my fair share of of the crab legs and coconut cream pie.  It was all delicious. 
Eleanor was such a good baby the whole time.  Mostly she hung out in our arms as we played pass the baby and took turns at the buffet.  

As we left the casino we stopped for a quick family photo.  Eleanor was not having fun cooperating, however.
As we drove back home, snow and sleet started to pick up.  They are currently calling for 6-12 inches of snow overnight and blizzard-like conditions.  This would be a first for Southeast Missouri for as long as I have lived or visited here!  We are excited for a White Christmas! 

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