Monday, December 10, 2012


I dropped the ball taking photos this weekend.  Evidence: I hosted my annual Cookie Party Saturday night and never snapped a single picture.  Fail.
We had a wonderful time, however.  The whole weekend was fabulous.  Even if it isn't properly documented in film.

Friday we took Eleanor out with us to a Gender Reveal Party for my friend Jessica.
Looks like Eleanor will have a future boyfriend!

Our bedtime just kept getting later each night last week and on Friday we were finally asleep around 10:30.

Saturday we tidied the house, ran errands, played with Eleanor and baked cookies.  While I baked Alex and Eleanor danced in the kitchen.
So sweet.

At six my friends began to arrive and Alex escaped upstairs with Eleanor.  He brought her down to nurse when she got hungry, but otherwise I had a wonderful "Girl's Night In" with my friends.  It was such a treat and reminded me that there is more to me than just "mom."

Sunday never changes.  I like the consistency.  We went to church and Eleanor was such a good girl and slept the whole time.  She decided to put her two cents into the sermon and let out a few very loud squeaks that had the whole congregation laughing.  She likes to be the center of attention just like her momma!
After church we were back out at Hickory Tavern to watch the Bears game.  Her nap times hit perfectly on Sunday and slept through the entire game as well.  Then Alex headed out to Live School while we had a mommy-and-me evening. 

And now back to Monday!

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