Thursday, May 17, 2012


Good morning! Here in Denver it is just 7:30am.  Back home is 9:30, which explains why I was up at quarter to six this morning (Denver time).  We arrived yesterday afternoon to a warm welcoming.  The flight was quick and easy...non-stop.  That is the pregnant-way to fly!
That would be the umpteenth-million photo of the two of us in an airport!

In the short amount of time we have spent with the members of CA and the other Engage attendees we have already become a small family.  Last night after our welcome dinner we sat around the living room and shared our stories and how we learned about Christian Associates and why this organization resignates with each of us.  Alex and I were able to share our story and despite revealing details about our lives, I felt so comfortable with everyone around us!

Today starts much of the interview and discernment process.  I wasn't nervous coming into this, but I am beginning to feel a little bit anxious.  This is an amazing organization and I can't imagine belonging anywhere else.  It feels right.  It feels great.  I am so excited to be here and learn even more about CA. 

Please continue to keep us in your prayers and I am going to try to update you as much as possible through this journey.  I don't want to miss a step! 

One very cool thing I learned yesterday was that two of the Engage attendees actually learned about this organization through a missionary's blog.  It just goes to show how valuable and relevant blogs can be.  Check out Megan's blog if you are interested in her story of Christian Associates.  (Her daughter also participates in Girls on the Run which is so very cool!) 

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