Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Up All Night

At 4am I was roused awake.  It was my usual mid-night toss and turn.  I got up to use the bathroom and curled back in bed beside Forbes.  But this morning it was a bit different.  I listened carefully to an odd noise that just didn't quit.

Could it be scratching? No, no, it didn't sound quite like scratching.

A stomach growling? No that wasn't it either.

Almost like snoring...but not really?

Was there an animal moving around in the attic?  I don't think that was it. 

It continued on and only irregularly quieted for moments. 

Finally I nudged Forbes awake to get his opinion.  What could that sound be?  After a few minutes of silent listening he agreed that it wasn't any of those things listed above.  We were both stumped, yet found it difficult to fall back asleep not knowing where this noise was coming from.

Forbes decided it must be in the attic and grabbed the flashlight, and yes, a rake.  I hoped it was an animal, only simply to find an answer to this mysterious noise.  By now it was 4:30am and I desperately wanted to find sleep. 

I noticed when Forbes made any noise, the sound did not stop.  It couldn't be an animal, they would be startled by the sound of the attic stairs dropping, or the rake moving about.  Nope, not an animal.

Finally Forbes came back to bed, but we both tossed and turned for the next two hours, not understanding the noise.

It was morning.  Somehow I found a sleep and now I hated getting out from under the covers.  Alas, time to start another day.  A very important day.  The day before GOTR registration.  Lots to do!  Forbes already left for work minutes before and I settled into the office to check emails.  The sound still emanated from its mysterious place, yet I focused on the emails trying to ignore it. 

That obviously wasn't easy, so I scoured the house for the source.  It must be quieted!

dun, Dun, DUN!  It was found!
Somebody left the iPod on the dock with it turned on last night.  No music was playing but the speakers were still sounding out a blank noise.  Yes, that would be the culprit.  Somebody is in big trouble mister!  Not really...I will forgive Forbes.  After all, he did cook me dinner last night, did the dishes and a load of laundry!  He's a pretty amazing guy!

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