Friday, January 13, 2012


It is like any other typical Friday.  I usually sit down to my computer right around this time to write up a little blog post, then settle into a bowl of oatmeal or cereal and begin work all before 8am.  So it is currently 7:26am and I am right on schedule.  One big difference however:

The view over my laptop is just a little different than usual. 

Forbes and I are budget travelers.  So when an opportunity to jet-set to Florida came up this weekend, we did it in the cheapest way possible.  We booked separate flights so we could utilize all of our vouchers and miles.  He's currently on his way to Atlanta for a quick layover, meanwhile I am resting at Charlotte airport since my non-stop flight doesn't leave for another 2 hours!

Of course it made no sense to drive separately to the airport, so my morning will continue as usual, only in a very different scene.

I packed a bowl of cereal and banana from home-- do you know how much they charge for bananas in an airport?!  My only purchase was this soy milk from Starbucks.  However, that alone cost me $2.76!  Of course I only used about 1/4 of the milk, so now I have to come up with a creative use for the expensive cup of milk.
I do have protein powder in my bag...has anyone ever tried mixing with soy milk before? 

It is very surreal to be traveling again so soon.  We just made it home from the Great mid-American Road trip less than 2 weeks ago.  My suitcase was hardly unpacked.  My toiletries definitely were not!

I made a self-discovery on the way home from our road trip, however.  I could get pretty used to a nomad lifestyle.  While we were driving home on the 12th day of our journey, I was not anxious at all to be going back.  Sure I wanted to see my friends, I craved church, and I had a new season of GOTR to lift off the ground.  But all things aside, I am a relatively peaceful traveler and comfortable in all sorts of new settings.  We slept in a different bed almost every night over break and it didn't bother me a bit!

Perhaps that discovery is what opened our minds to the missionary opportunity.  I know I can survive anywhere and I feel at home as long as Forbes is around.

Could you adapt to a nomad life?  Do you like to travel? 

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