Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Good morning! If you can tell by my unusually late post this morning... we are getting off to a slow start.  I asked Forbes to let me sleep in until he was walking out the door for work, and then to nudge me awake.  Why? Tomorrow I have a 4:30am wake-up call, and yesterday I started to feel a little under the weather.  I needed the sleep, and I needed it bad. 

In an effort to get through this post sometime before noon, I thought I would just leave you with some Thursday Thoughts!

1.  When you have a fun trip to Florida planned, you will inevitably get sick.

What is with that fact?  I have been up the last 3 nights with a terrible sore throat and just haven't been myself.  Of course it would come at a time when I'm gearing up for the most fun trip of the year...the Girls on the Run Annual Summit!

2.  Being reminded of the two full boxes of chocolates in the pantry after a delicious glass of red wine will always lead to breaking your sugar-detox.  One Pixie and one Trinidad later and I'm back on track!

3.  Volunteers make life worth living.  While I ran errands this morning, all the coaches boxes were stuffed and filled for this season! 

4.  Becoming full-time missionaries does not happen overnight.  It takes planning, and God's timing.  Four days after our big announcement, I feel that we have made grand strides, and yet have not changed a thing.  All around us life looks the same, but our hearts are changed. 

Question of the day:

If you were going to sell your house and all possessions...would you start selling off the possessions now while you are also getting your house listed, or would you try to wait until the house sells, to get rid of everything else?  I suppose the big question is, would you live in an empty house without furniture while trying to sell, and would potential buyers consider a home that isn't "staged"?

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