Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mushroom Farming

On about day 9 of our Great Mid-American Road trip we were gifted a trip to a mushroom farm in Burlington, Wisconsin.  Forbes' sister and family took us to the farm and store and set us loose.  We were two foodies in a mushroom store going crazy over the samples and products!
As part of the gift we were able to pick up out some amazing mushroom products!  The assortment included salsas, bruschettas, pasta sauce and more. 
 All over the small store you can sample the different products.  You know I am a sucker for samples!
 It was tempting to pick up some of these mushroom cookbooks.  Or even a t-shirt!
 Commit Fungicide!
 We walked out with 3 different pasta sauces, several salsas and a bruschetta as well as some local jam and mushroom chili.  It didn't take us long to crack into the stash and last night for our first dinner at home we used up the Garlic Lovers Pasta Sauce which was incredible!
Burlington is a very quaint town nestled in Southeast Wisconsin.  As part of our Christmas gift Chrissy and her family also took us out to lunch before we headed off.  Blaze (our nephew) picked out the location.

At the Char-coal Grill we started with a giant mound of Onion Straws.  My favorite!
 All of the food at Char-coal Grill came super-sized.  Check out these nachos!
 I had a delicious salad that went completely un-photographed.  I was too busy marveling over Blaze's one pound burger! 
 With a bun the size of his face, I had my doubts!
 But he proved us all wrong and ate all but a few bites of this giant burger!
 Of course he didn't last long in the car on the ride home!
And that, my friends, is why I'm vegan!  No meat-sweats or food-induced comas! 

Thanks Chrissy and Rick and Jessi and Blaze for an amazing time!

And thank you to all of our friends and family that hosted us over the last several weeks, who made special efforts to ensure that we were well fed, and well taken care of!  From the delicious veggie soup and potato pancakes at my mom's to the vegan sausages and pasta at dad's, to taco night at Karina's and stuffed portabellas at Dave's...and of course the "fried dough" at Diana's we are so thankful!  Thank you for each cozy bed and warm shower, for each gift and the hospitality!  We love you all!

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