Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pace Setter Awards

Breakfast wasn't spectacular on Wednesday, but our view from our table certainly was!  I will definitely miss the beautiful views.
While breakfast wasn't a high for the day, pretty much everything else that occurred was! 

We started off in General Assembly with a big announcement of our Coach of the Year award.  It was an emotional and special time.  We cherish our coaches and volunteers so much at Girls on the Run!

Then came the Pace Setter awards.  These awards are given to councils for outstanding work in one of five areas including 5k Management.  I had submitted a management plan for Pace Setters months before and was anxious to hear the winners.  I had my hopes high; I put a lot of time and effort into my plan, and I put my heart and soul into our 5ks.  Several times I tried to talk myself slowly out of my high hopes, but they kept returning.  Eventually I allowed the flutter to stay.  Why dash my hopes before the announcement was even made?  It was a wonderful feeling knowing I had turned in a quality piece of work and I enjoyed having hope for this special award.

Finally it was time for the announcement.  They showed the runners-up and their submissions were outstanding.  My legs were bouncing a little under the table as I anxiously awaited the winner!
IREDELL AND ROWAN COUNTIES!  for 5k Management Pace Setter Award!
I was so excited and even shaking.  I managed to put on a cool and calm demeanor and walk to the front, hugging Molly and Liz before accepting my award.  I would have loved to give a Golden Globes-esque Thank You Speech, but alas walked quickly back to my chair!
I am so proud of the hard work we all do at Iredell and Rowan Counties and across the nation at Girls on the Run!  Some days it can be difficult work and especially working from home, it is easy to forget the passion and purpose behind this job.  Having a nice little reminder on the shelf that my work really does make a difference and doesn't go unnoticed is certainly special!
Molly gave her annual address before the Summit was over and we were dismissed.  Not long after we were on our way to the airport.  I was ready for lunch and we settled in at Chili's.
The chips and salsa and guac were my highlight. 
My salad was just "eh."  Iceberg lettuce and canned fruit topped with a black bean burger from the freezer doesn't exactly scream gourmet!
But we were in an airport and at a Chili's so I didn't complain (until now I guess) and hurriedly ate my meal.  I was hungry!

The rest of the day is history as they say it.  One flight and one drive home from Charlotte later and I was in the arms of my awaiting husband!  Leftovers and a night of television on the couch were in order and now I am back up and running.  No rest for the is time to get ready for Spring 2012 season and registration! 

Today is my Monday although it is your Thursday, but either way: HAVE A GREAT DAY!

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