Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Girls on the Run Goals

Sometimes a morning just flies by and before you know it Forbes is out the door for work and I am at my desk typing up a blog post.  Usually all this happens prior to 7am.  I just glanced at the clock...7:25! Where has the morning gone? 

Lately time feels like that as well.  Did you know it is 2012?  Where did 2011 go?  I am not even sure how we got from Thanksgiving to the New Year!  Alas, we are almost half-way through another month and I'm still in disbelief. 

A new year means a new season of Girls on the Run.  And since we pulled into the driveway on that snowy Monday (last week), I have been full steam ahead preparing for Spring 2012!  This past weekend I trained a new batch of coaches and this week is all about getting program supplies ready.  Amidst the chaos of uprooting our lives, normalcy continues.

I am nearing my 2-year mark with Girls on the Run.  Of course I have been volunteering for them for much longer than that...but employed for just 4 seasons.  Two years is a big milestone for me and I am excited to enter into my 5th season.  At this time I feel that I have really fallen into my groove as Council Director.  I have the routine down.  I have ironed out many of the challenges, and I continue to have fun with this job each and every day.  Even as I consider myself now somewhat of a veteran at it, there is always room for improvement each and every season.  So today I wanted to share with you some of my goals for Spring 2012:
  1. I know I say it every year...but I really am determined to be more organized this season.  My biggest endeavor will be to scan in all the paperwork and organize into folders on my external hard drive.  Office is space is at a premium, and having all paperwork filed away on the computer will make searching for it and using it much more efficient.
  2. Spring season is typically much larger than fall, but for some reason we seem to have leveled off.  My goal this season will be to seek out new teams throughout the season and not just wait until the beginning of Fall to recruit new teams.  I hope to have 5 new teams for Fall 2012.
  3. I will visit each team at least once during the season.  And Harmony twice since they got skipped last year :)
  4. I will update all paperwork to represent Iredell and Rowan Counties.  I will audit all existing paperwork and clean out all my computer files, getting rid of the clutter.
  5. I will recruit at least 10 to participate in Solemates, our adult 5k charity running team.
  6. I will secure at least 3 new sponsors this season.

I find setting goals to be extremely important in this position.  After cycling through 4 seasons, it is easy to become lackadaisical.  I can do the basics of this job in my sleep it seems, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't be giving 100% to better the program.  I find I am already much more motivated and excited for this season than I was in the Fall.  I believe, above all else, my enthusiasm will help make this the best season yet!  

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