Friday, January 27, 2012


TGIF--Today, God Is First

Clever little sayings on the billboards outside churches really know what I'm saying?  As I drove by the Catholic Church yesterday and read this sign I thought, yup...Today, I will make God First. 

So this morning I rolled out of bed, showered and did my thang, and then sat on my knees and prayed.  I spent quiet time with God this morning, something I should do every morning. 

Forbes and I have many big changes coming our way and being in constant prayer is one of the few things bringing me sanity through this process.  How else could we cope with selling our first home knowing we will take a huge hit in the process and wind up owing lots of money...and yet still choosing to move forward?  How else could we choose to leave our friends and family to move around the world to be missionaries.  Yup, constant prayer is necessary. 

Yesterday I told my two best friends in person.  I love these two gals, but typically I don't always leave feeling encouraged about my wild dreams.  I think the three of us just hold dearly to our friendship and don't want anything to change.  But yesterday, that all changed.  They were encouraging, excited and full of questions.  They supported this choice, and really feel like Forbes and I have made the right decision for our lives.  In fact, they said they had never been more sure of it. 

Consequently, one of my besties came up with her own news.  She will likely be moving as well.  Her timeline might be even quicker than mine.  She is considering accepting a position from her previous company which would require her to move.  Yup, things are a-changin'. 

Her confession really reassured my own decision.  We worry what it will be like to leave all of our close friends, but ultimately our friends cannot be the primary reason we stay in an area.  Especially if we are feeling a call to move or do something different with our lives.  In the last several weeks, we have actually heard from a few other close friends about their plans to move as well.  It is terribly sad, but helps me to realize that this time in Mooresville was just a season.  I will always love and cherish the friends we have made here, and come back to visit often, but I truly believe it is time for us to move on.

I think I will always remember yesterday's lunch with my two best friends.  We typically grab fro-yo and walk through Birkdale.  And as we walk we talk and catch up.  Yesterday it was a bit gloomy but warm enough, and the whole experience was a bit surreal.  Telling them about our plans to become missionaries really helped me to believe it was real.  And hearing other big news, well I could just see our lives beginning to part away from each other in this movie-like quality.  It is quite sad, but I can feel the certainty in each of us. 

Anyhow...I have been so wordy this week and lacking in photos!  Tomorrow that will change!  Remember: Today, God is First! TGIF!

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