Saturday, January 28, 2012

Secret Silent Cheer

It's Saturday.  And for the first time in 4 days my email inbox wasn't bulging when I checked it this morning.  That is both a very good and a bad thing.  As you may know, registration opened for Girls on the Run this week, and each time someone registers I get an email.  Then I do a "secret silent cheer" all by myself in my office, and go about my business.

So waking up to no emails this morning was a bit of a Secret Silent Cheers happening here.  Yet, it was also a bit of a relief.  YAY NO WORK!  So I'm taking the day off, and I'm going to enjoy the beautiful 60 degree, sunny weather.

I am also lucky that I have a dear friend visiting unexpectedly this weekend!  We are looking to do some repeat events from her last visit including a fun hike today!
So I know I promised food today...but that would stand in the way of all sorts of fun.  So I'm off!  Food later!

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