Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Girls on the Run Summit Day 2

We had another amazing start to the day with Shellie Pfohl, appointed by President Obama as the Executive Director of the President's Council on Physical Fitness, Sports and Nutrition.  It felt amazing to be in such good company and she was a very dynamic speaker.  Her charge for Girls on the Run was to continue to grow and spread such an amazing program and also be activists in our community for quality physical education programs.  I loved her keynote address and was energized for the rest of the morning.  
I attended a break out session for Volunteer Recruitment and Retention.  It was very helpful and I got to meet the beautiful ladies at the St. Louis dream job if I ever move back to Missouri.  Coincidentally I also sat next to the lady from the Milwaukee dream job if I ever move back there.  First I have some jet-setting and mission work to do :)

Lunch came quickly and although I was still stuffed from our coffee break at 10 where I mindless munched on a white bagel with jam and a Lunabar, I still enjoyed every bite from salad to dessert!
This salad was fresh and wonderful and served with a lemon vinegar dressing.
My entree was a bit greasy, you can tell from the photo.  The eggplant almost resembled fish on the plate, which I found endearing since we are by the ocean after all.  Many vegetarians might not think so!
Dessert was hard to photograph but was a delicious mix of fresh berries in sauce with a dark chocolate stick.

After lunch we had one more break out session that allowed us to ask questions of councils of similar size.  It was a very informative session.  By the time 4pm rolled around I was ready to crash!  However, we had a fun evening planned that I would not miss out on!
We boarded the Starlight Cruise in Clearwater with almost 200 other Girls on the Run peeps!  Naturally a dance party ensued...but before that there was food.
Unfortunately the spread wasn't fantastic for vegans.  Just raw veggies and fruit and a white roll.  However, the company made up for it very quickly!
A huge thanks to this beautiful blonde for her hard work in putting together a fine conference!
Katie and Nina are two hard working gals from our International office.  Nina did a fabulous job planning all of our events.
Angie is one of our very dedicated coaches and board members who traveled with me this weekend (left) and Michelle has been my right-side gal since I began working for GOTR.  Without her our 5k would be a flop and the North end of our county may never have experienced Girls on the Run!  I am so happy to have traveled with both of them on this trip!
It is time for one last day in Tampa.  Another amazing keynote by Molly herself (founder of Girls on the Run)...and of course breakfast!  Here we go!

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