Tuesday, January 17, 2012

GOTR Summit Day 1

Good morning!  I am so excited for another full day of the GOTR Summit!  Yesterday was such an exciting day and I learned so much!  There are so many wonderful, intelligent, and incredible women...and men!  I just finished my bowl of cereal in the hotel room and I'm all set for another day in Tampa!

So let's rewind...we were somewhere around breakfast yesterday when we left off.  We headed into the Welcome Reception where we were able to hear Liz, the GOTR President give the "State of the Union."  Internationally, Girls on the Run increased by 35% serving more than 108,000 girls! 

After we were energized by the incredible growth, Mina Samuels spoke to our group.  She wrote the book "Run Like A Girl" where she challenges the language of statements such as that one.  She researched the transformative power of physical exercise in our lives.  Her presentation was so motivational and really made me restless to get out and run again!

After our Welcome Reception it was time for lunch and I was ready! 
The hotel did a wonderful job catering to a vegan diet with these veggie ravioli.  They were stuffed with broccoli and possibly spinach and the sauce was savory and sweet.  I was especially excited to see that even the vegans received dessert!
A hard sugared glaze was fired on top of the orange, a sliced fig and caramelized bananas were all served with a dollop of house made vegan whipped cream. It was light and perfect!

After lunch we broke out into small group sessions and I attended a Grant Seeking class and Non-profit Management.
I was able to take so much away from both of these sessions, and I really feel re-energized and refueled for a new season of Girls on the Run!
In between sessions we had snack time.  I grabbed a Lunabar, orange, coffee and sparkling water. 
Despite all of the food, I was famished and ready for dinner.  We hopped a bus to the International Plaza for dinner at an English pub.  Our meal started with fried pickles and curry chips.
For my meal I ordered the portabella wrap and ate half.  Finally my stomach was catching up with all of the food!
We settled back in to our room for the end of the Bachelor and a glass of wine!
Lesson of the day: "A goal without a plan is just a wish."  It's time to get planning!

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