Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Plans

Good morning and happy Monday!

Forbes and I fell asleep last night worrying what today might bring.  Regret? Fear? Anxiety?  So many decisions were made yesterday regarding our future together; who knew how we would feel? 

This morning we woke up, smiled at one another, and went right about our Monday morning routines.  Shower, shave, breakfast, work.  Life isn't stopping just because we have a new plan.  I still have meetings and responsibilities, but now I will also be calling a realtor, someone to fix my windshield, and a few different Christian organizations.  It's still on like Donkey Kong.  There's no turning back!

Yesterday I received so much positive encouragement and support after my post and I am so thankful!  This is a huge step and I am afraid our close friends will not understand.  Leaving behind the life that we have built here, amazing jobs, awesome church, it is going to be so difficult!  So every encouraging note is so very much appreciated!

We received an email from Fiona in Mwandi this morning.  Our "house" is secured for 6 weeks this summer.  She already sent us all sorts of tasks that we will be working on, and now we just need to get our dates finalized and plane tickets purchased. 

And then we will be looking for a longer commitment.  We are open to anywhere in the world, and any reputable organization or group to take us there.

I am so grateful, excited, overwhelmed and anxious! I tossed and turned most of last night, waking up in intervals to cast my thoughts to God and try to resume a peaceful night's sleep.  We are confident that everything will be provided.  Through God all things are possible.  Keeping doubt at bay will prove to be difficult over the coming months, however.  Please pray for us!

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