Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Remedy

So I am a little closer to finding a remedy for this crazy flu/cold/sinus infection I have been struggling with.  I saw my doctor today and surprise, surprise it isn't allergies like I was originally told.  Now I have a much better diagnosis and that will hopefully help me to feel better soon!

But today we aren't meant to talk about my remedy but The Remedy, a delicious vegetarian restaurant in downtown Raleigh.  Forbes and I ate dinner there on Saturday night while we were staying in Durham.  Honestly we chose a place in Raleigh because I really wanted to go to the mall to check out the H&M.  North Carolina finally has an H&M and I was stoked!  So we made our way through the store and with large appetites landed at The Remedy.
For starters, the Fried Broccoli with housemade Vegan Ranch dressing.  I love all veggies deep-fried.  It is a weakness of mine!  But this ranch dressing really made the dish come alive.  It was simply fabulous!
Per usual, Forbes and I ordered two entrees and split them.  While the Tempeh Tantrum (pictured above) is touted as one of the "Top 5 vegan sandwiches" by PETA, it was really the vegan Eastern Carolina BBQ that stole my heart!
Served on a kaiser roll and topped with Carolina slaw, this sandwich was reminiscent of the first years Forbes and I spent in North Carolina eating Cook-Out weekly!  (You just can't beat the $3.99 BBQ Tray from Cook-Out with a side of hush puppies and french fries and a huge tea!)
Of course dessert was on the to-do list since I had just finished one race and was getting ready for another (not that you need an excuse for dessert!)
We ordered the Coconut-Cream Pie which was heaven-in-my-mouth.  Can I have more please?  Right now?  I said puh-llleeeeaaasssseee!

If you are in Raleigh, you need to stop by this eclectic little store-front and give it a try.  We loved every bite!

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