Tuesday, October 4, 2011

An eating tour of Nashville

Gardetto's and Candy Corn in the backseat?  This could only mean one thing!

Road Trip!

This past weekend Forbes and I ventured to Nashville, Tennessee to visit my sister.  Nashville is now her home, and I was excited to help her get to know it a little better.  They have only been living there a few weeks now, so sight-seeing and adventure was high on the to-do list!
Although we munched on candy corn and Gardetto's, we did manage to eat something healthy on the road when we found an Earth Fare around Knoxville.
And then we quickly threw health food right out the window with dessert.
Froyoz for me and a larger-than-my-head cupcake for him (and me).
We drove in on Thursday and while the Koch's went off to work on Friday morning, Forbes and I squeezed in a little run...and by little I mean I reached a new PMPDR (Post Marathon Personal Distance Record).  10 MILES!


Prior to the run I fueled with a blueberry bagel, peanut butter and banana.
And then we enjoyed our favorite morning show,Regis and Kelly, while our food digested.

Here we are all hot and bothered after a sweaty 10-miler on the hilliest course I have ever known.  But we are still smiling.  I was so happy to reach this mileage.  Especially since I have a weekend of long races coming up very soon!


After our long run we found a drive-thru Smoothie King!  Genius!
Smoothies are the best way to refuel!


We took advantage of my meat-loving family being occupied with work, and tackled lunch at Nashville's The Wild Cow Restaurant.
I'm in love with trying new vegan restaurants anytime we travel.  This one did not disappoint.
 The menu overflowed with delicious options.  I'm not used to all these choices.  I went with my gut and grabbed the Sweet Potato Tacos.
The tacos were topped with pineapple coleslaw, salsa verde and avocado.  On the side I had rice and beans, vegan queso and sour cream.  And Oh.My.Goodness. that sour cream rocks!  I need to figure out how to replicate the queso sauce as well.  It would be delicious poured all over nachos!
I was so happy when Forbes ordered the Philly Cheesesteak sandwich.  Since my visit to Philly, I can't seem to get these things out of my head.  As per usual I begged him to split our lunches so we could try a little of everything.
The cheesesteak was simply amazing.  There is no way I could ever replicate this dish.  I would order it again and again and again.
 On the side Forbes enjoyed a cup of French Onion soup as well as a local brew, Yazoo.
Fully refueled, we made our way back to Diana's to await our hosts' return from work.  It wasn't long and I quickly had to find room in my stomach for our dinner outing.


Mexican is our go-to eating choice when Diana and I dine together.  And Margaritas are a staple for us!
We started our meal with the greenest Margarita I have ever witnessed.  They were very tasty!
I shared an order of Vegetarian Fajitas with Forbes.  We were saving room for dessert.


Diana texted me not long after moving to Nashville to inform me that there is fro-yo within walking distance of her new home.
She knew that would convince me to come visit!  Sweet CeCe's is a local chain of frozen yogurt shops throughout Nashville.  I tend to feel that most self-serve places are all pretty standard at this point, however Sweet CeCe's takes the cake for best variety and most creative flavors.
Ginger Julep Sorbet!  Wild!
And the toppings bar...abundant!
Already too full for comfort I managed to overload my cup and enjoy a Sweet CeCe's treat!
(That is not Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough in my cup...I promise!)
Frozen Yogurt = Happy faces!

Frozen Yogurt (also) = stuffed bellies!

So we danced off the sugar comas!

Good times!

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