Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nikki's Sushi Bar Wilmington, NC

Yes, one last weekend recap before we move right along...into another weekend at the beach no-less.  I know, my life is awesome. 
My favorite thing about traveling is the food.  Duh.  We try not to eat out too much.  We like to save a little money on vacation, and I tend to go overboard when eating at new-to-me vegetarian establishments. 

For instance...This Fried Vegetable Lunch!  Case and Point.

When we settled in at Nikki's (lotsa great reviews on Yelp!) our eyes immediately wandered to the fried veggies.
Fried green beans.  Yes. Please.
Tempura Sweet Potato Roll.  I'll take one of those!  (Tempura is just a fancy name for fried.)
Fried Tomato Sandwich.  Yes. Yes. That too.

What kind of restaurant serves all these types of food?  Nikki's does.  At first glance you see the Asian fusion sushi establishment, and then as you peer further into its depths you notice the falafel, and bean burger, and all the other great makings of a normal vegetarian restaurant. 

To counter all the fried veggies, I did order a salad.
But even that I topped it with some of the fried green beans.  Whoops! 

Nikki's is a delicious restaurant in the heart of downtown Wilmington.  I encourage you to check it out too!

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