Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A final tour of Nashville

Our long weekend quickly came to an end on Sunday.  We debated how late we wanted to stick around before making the haul home.  Ultimately church and the Bears made our decision.
Forbes and I chose to attend Midtown Fellowship at 12 North thanks to a recommendation from a friend.  It was between this church and another, but ultimately this one won out because Forbes did not bring "church clothes" that probably would have been desired at the other location.
When we arrived, I knew we made the right decision.  It was a beautiful Sunday, not a cloud in the sky.  We walked to a nearby coffee shop, the Frothy Monkey, and I enjoyed a Chai Tea made with Almond Milk! 

Back at Midtown Fellowship, we walked in to a room full of young adults similar to us.  Our current church has very few young couples, so it was refreshing to be surrounded!  We enjoyed the service.  The minister talked about self-control and making changes.  For a moment Forbes and I thought God was telling us to make a change and move to Nashville (that is how much we enjoyed the weekend!) 

After church we moved to the restaurant across the street to watch the Bears game, where we ultimately "beat the h*ll out of those Panthers" (in true Nashville cheering fashion).  Of course that is not how I would cheer...especially after just leaving church :)

I did enjoy my Sunday morning ritual.
And we had some tasty appetizers before splitting a salad.
Diana and Kendall joined us for the game, and after we drove out to see where Diana works.  Before too long, it was time to hit the road.  Now or never.  We slowly made our way back to North Carolina, stopping off at the same Earth Fare in Knoxville for dinner, but not cupcakes and fro-yo.  We had had enough! 

A late night made for an early morning on Monday, but we persevered!  And now back to the grind!  What a wonderful mini-vacay!

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