Monday, October 17, 2011

Ben and Crystal

Last night was rough.  I can't shake this cold/flu/allergy issue I've been dealing with.  Luckily Goody's have been holding me over and have done a wonderful job of making me feel normal.  However, I'm not sure popping pain killers 4 to 6 times a day for about 6 days straight is healthy.  Last night I decided to "detox" from the pain killers and attempted to sleep without. 

When the fever chills came at 2am, I curled up to Forbes and wrapped blankets around me and did my best to sleep through.  An hour later when I was shaken with a cold sweat, I threw off the covers, cranked the AC and also attempted to sleep through.  Finally around 6am I was tired of tossing and turning so I am up for good.  The hotel television and reading blogs are getting me through the morning, but I can't shake this terrible headache and pressure. 

Eventually I will take another Goody's powder to get me through today.  We are in Wilmington for the day, and I plan to enjoy every minute of it!  I think I need another doctor's appointment when I get home, however.  I have never been this sick for this long before in my life.  I am not happy and I really wish the doctor would have done a more thorough examination while I was there on Thursday.  I still don't believe this has anything to do with allergies, and the allergy meds did nothing to make me feel better!

Because I have been so sick, I opted not to camp out with the other wedding guests last night.  Originally we brought the tent and sleeping bags and planned to party and dance the night away at Crystal and Ben's wedding celebration.  Instead, we left early to get to a hotel.  Because I'm not sleeping well at night, my body crashes around 9pm.  Despite being sick, we enjoyed every minute of the "camp" themed wedding.
The wedding was held at Camp Kirkwood in Watha, NC and Crystal pulled together the details beautifully.  From the "registration" table to the party favors.  Because Forbes and I met working for a YMCA camp, and we love the outdoors, we enjoyed this wedding very, very much!
Enjoy these images from Crystal and Ben's special day!  To view photos in a slideshow, just click one of the photos (after the page is fully loaded).
Dressed Sharp
Vintage Cameras to snap guests' photos--so much more awesome than throw away cameras!
Photos from the couple's cross-country road trip hang on the clothesline
Homemade Jam wedding favors
Tables were organized by "Troop Numbers"
The makings of s'mores for later in the evening when the campfire was started
They used cloth napkins!
Stories from the couple's road trip were placed on the tables
We played around with Instagram.  Love it!
Having fun together before dinner
All vegetarian menu!
Mixed salad
Quinoa Salad
Roasted veggies
Mushroom burgers
Veggie sloppy joe's
Baked potatoes and sweet potatoes
Toppings bar
My plate
Delicious homemade desserts!
This layered cake was the best!
Am I forgetting something?  Oh yes, the wonderful couple!
Crystal and Ben pulled a fast one on their guests.  They actually got married while on their road trip.  They eloped and then planned this celebration to surprise their guests!  Read about their full story here!
We watched the celebration during the celebration!  It was the most unique wedding we have ever been to and I loved every minute of it!  Congrats Ben and Crystal!

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