Tuesday, October 4, 2011

An entertainment tour of Nashville

If Friday was all about Nashville eats, then Saturday was certainly about Nashville entertainment.  After Friday our caliber of eating went down a few notches...

Toys R Us Entertainment

We enjoyed our breakfast in the break room at Toys R Us.  And then we enjoyed some entertainment in the form of Diana and Forbes.
 Diana and I missed Zumba and opted to get our exercise while shopping around the mall.  I did find a cute pair of brown riding boots that now have a home in my closet, and Diana also found some new work shoes.  It was quite the successful shopping trip.  We also found some interesting eats in the mall.
I actually bought the Dill Pickle Popcorn and am really enjoying it!

We refueled from our exercise at the mall with Jason's Deli salad bar.
I had to pack in the veggies since I started my day with donuts!

But now how did I start this post claiming it wasn't about food and all I've done so far is shown you my meals?  On to the good stuff.

Outdoor Entertainment

After lunch Diana, Forbes and I took a stroll around Radner Wildlife Preserve.  We walked approximately 3 miles around the lake on the paths stopping only for some fun shots.

Tanya and Forbes photo montage:
(So yes I did wear that same hoodie all weekend!  William if you are reading this I need a replica from Mizzou stat.  Or I suppose dad you could get it for me too next time you visit Will!  I love this sweatshirt and need one just like Diana's!)

Downtown Entertainment

For Saturday night, we purchased tickets to a Predators game super cheap on Stub Hub.  I have never before been to an NHL game and we had a blast!
While Tennessee may be in the south and folks are pretty friendly for the most part, you certainly see a different side to the people when you visit a hockey game.  The announcer comes over the speaker "Predators are on the power play" and then the crowd goes wild and screams in unison "But you still SUCK!"  I think there may have even been a chant along the lines of "We just beat the h*ll" out of you!"  Oh yes, Tennessee fans are a special group of people!

Nightlife Entertainment

The stadium is located right downtown Nashville.  So after the game we crawled our way through several pubs and clubs.  Starting with Cadillac Ranch.
We quickly spotted the mechanical bull and it was determined that Diana would give it a go!
Next stop, the ever famous Wild Horse!
If you recall, this is where we met Mullet Mark!  You can check out his following on You Tube here!

In between bars I eventually found dinner at a Pita Pit.  Yum.  Never been before.  And probably will never go back to this location.  I'm certain a drug deal was going down and perhaps a few concealed weapons were in the room!
After one more small bar with great live music we finally called it a night!  It was entertaining to say the least.  A great people-watching experience and a really fun night out with this great group!

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