Friday, October 7, 2011

Five on Friday

It is fall, and despite the impending gloom of winter in the horizon, I am soaking up every bit of this beautiful weather!  Fall makes me happy for many reasons, as do all of these things, here's what's trending in the VeganFaith world!

Five on Friday

1. Boots...the boots are back in town!
I am a sucker for skinny jeans and boots in the fall!

2. Kisses from Katie
I've just ordered the book, but check out her blog!  I missed her in Nashville, she was in town the same weekend as me, doing a speaking engagement.  I'm so sad I found out about her just one week too late.  She is going to change my life.

3.  Panini Sandwiches
Anything goes well on a panini!  In this sandwich: pumpkin puree, hummus, cucumber, spinach, green apple slices, cooked Brussel sprouts and salt and pepper.  Yup, it was good!

4.  Volunteers
Without which I would still be sorting t-shirts!

5.  Pumpkin Ale
This week I am thankful for some unlikely and unusual suspects:

Schlafly: one of my favorite micro-brews, located near my hometown in St. Louis

Smuttynose: a brewing company committed to providing vegan beers!

Josh's Market: a local produce stand that is one of the few places to sell locally grown pumpkins!  Check them out

Soon you will find out why I am thankful!

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