Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Matt Lauer leaves the Today Show!

Did you see Matt Lauer's spoof on the Today Show yesterday.  They kept hyping this "big surprise" and in a Meredith Vieira-esque resignation the world watched in horror as Matt Lauer announced his departure from the Today Show...

...for another round of "Where in the World is Matt Lauer."

Clearly I was horrified at the thought of losing Matt Lauer in my living room each and every morning!  I was so stricken with grief I shook Forbes awake just in time for the announcement.  Thankfully, Matt Lauer is not leaving, and I will continue to enjoy his work every morning.  So in honor of his 10th "season" of Where in the World, I am hosting my own:

Where in the World are the Kummerow's?

Pit Stop 1:

Any guesses?  Ok, here's the next one...

Pit Stop 2:

Ok, that one was a bit tougher! 

Pit Stop 3:

I am so obviously obsessed with Instagram these days!  Forbes and I had a beautiful time, capturing all of our adventures in 1. Durham, 2. Wilmington and 3. Topsail Island.  It was a fun and fast weekend, yet we saw more of this great state in just 3 days than we typically see in a week's vacation. 

Where in the World have you been lately? 

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