Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Perfect Saturday

Hello Farmer's Market...oh how I missed you!  Can you believe this was Forbes' first time to the Davidson Farmer's Market.  This is a Saturday tradition for me, however it is usually following a long run or work out with the girls.  This morning's work out got canceled on the account of sleep deprivation, but we were up early enough to enjoy the freshest fruits and veggies in the area!
And the freshest bread...yum breakfast!
A little light music to set the scene, and I was very content this morning.  Our purchases included fresh peaches, onions, potatoes and beets.  The man selling beets told us his favorite way to eat them: mashed!  Hmmm, we might have to try that!

As far as Saturday's go, this has been one of my favorites.  After enjoying the Farmer's Market, Forbes and I helped out at the Holy Smokes Ministry.  Holy Smokes is your typical pork-cooking traveling trailor.
You can find Holy Smokes at many community events around the area and serving up food to the homeless and needy as well. 
We vegans are naturals at serving up a hot plate of tasty pork, don't you think?  Despite the irony, I really enjoyed volunteering this morning.  It makes me miss my restaurant days...

Of course, the fun did not stop there today.  After working a few hours, I rushed home for a quick lunch of leftovers (fabulous recipe to come) and then headed to Panera for a meeting with one of my GOTR coaches.  While we talked about lots of very important GOTR business, our conversation drifted to adoption.  Her husband came to the meeting as well, and they adopted their daughter 8 years ago.  Forbes and I are very interested in adopting someday so I love to hear adoption stories! 

Directly following my meeting, I hurried home, loaded my bike and enjoyed a 15 mile ride with Emily as we caught up on life.  Three weeks goes by fast, but lots can happen in that time.  While I was gone she got a new job and starts next week!  She is a fabulous baker and wedding cake decorator and I'm so excited for her new job! 

Busy day, right?  Well I'm home now, waiting for 7pm to roll around because we have fun dinner plans with Bob and Toby the Girl and of course their mom.  You remember them right?  I miss them so much!  After spending nearly every day with them for a full year, I haven't seen them in over a month!  I am excited to see them, especially since I brought treats for them from Africa!  I am also excited because we are eating at my favorite restaurant in Mooresville, Joel's.  I have obviously not been in a while!  Also, next door to Joel's is the new TCBY and today is their grand opening...which means free fro-yo!  You know where I will be for an after dinner treat!  

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