Sunday, July 10, 2011

Here Comes the Bride

We flew in from Africa just in the nick of time for Eric and Haley's wedding.  There is no better than homecoming than to spend it with dozens of your finest friends!  We don't get to see them often because of distance, so it is really exciting to be here and celebrating in their special day!
I am such a fan of weddings.  It is as if each one we attend is a small reminder of the commitment and vows that my husband and I took on our own wedding day.  I think I have more fun with Forbes at weddings than any other event.  We always dance all night, and there is so much love and laughter. 
It doesn't hurt that Forbes looks pretty darn good all dressed up.  I may be biased but I think he was the best looking groomsman!  (Sorry Brian and Joe!)
This was a beautiful and well thought out wedding.  I love a good wedding, and I love it even more when the couple's character is represented in all the details.  Eric and Haley did a fabulous job planning this event. 

While I am just the wife of a groomsman, and we typically don't get called upon to give grandiose toasts, here is what I would say to the happy couple given the chance:

Eric, Haley,

To two of the most cheerful, fun-loving people I have ever had the privilege of knowing...Congratulations!  For many years, I have always considered the two of you "Alex's friends" whom I was just lucky enough to know through my husband.  But as I was thinking about what I would like to say to you on your special day, I realized that you aren't just my husband's friends, but my own dear friends as well.  As I'm drafting this little speech I keep thinking of all these typical remarks, such as "I know we don't see each other often" or "We haven't had many opportunities to hang out" but even if those sentiments are true, they do nothing to describe our friendship.  Because you are so easy to have as a friend.  You are welcoming, and open, and kind.  And never a dull moment to be shared.  I remember all the times we have spent together with warmth and joy.  

I remember first meeting the two of you, and how easy it was to talk and share and laugh.  It is strange to recall the setting in which we met: New Year's Eve 2007.  I hosted you at Alex's apartment, although Alex wasn't even there.  I had never met either of you and we were thrown together to entertain one another until Alex made it back into town.  We enjoyed a long dinner and concert together before Alex even showed up.  That experience just proves how wonderful you both are!

You bring those strong qualities into your relationship as well, and that will make your marriage a wonderful success.  You are independent, but co-dependent.  Happy on your own, but you make each other even more deliriously happy.  Your lives and marriage will always be filled with joy and cheerfulness, because that is the embodiment of your souls! 

I know you didn't ask for it, but I can't help but share a little marriage wisdom with you.  I may not be perfect at relationships, but I know someone who is.  Because God is the center of our lives, Alex and I have made it through many trials.  I know that he destined Alex and I to be together, just as he has formed Eric and Haley uniquely for one another.  The most important lesson I learned is that I am not in control of everything, but that God is.  And while that may seem like a cop-out at times, it is actually quite liberating to know that I am not in charge (and reassuring as well!).  I hope that in your marriage you will always hold tight to one another, but hold even tighter to the one who created you to be together.

While many who gathered at your wedding yesterday have known each of you for a very long time, and I would assume most knew you before you were "Eric and Haley" (or "Haley and Eric" if you will), I had the distinct honor of meeting you as a couple.  While you are both wonderful individuals, I can see that together you are stronger.  As partners, you will always have abundant love and happiness.  I have always known you as one, and I am excited that I will now always know you as one!

My final thoughts: Eric and Haley, you are beautiful, joyful, loving and strong.  I am humbled that I was able to be a part of your special day and witness your wedding ceremony.  I am thankful that I can call you friends.  While this may sound a bit selfish, I mean it in all true sincerity- My prayer for you is this: that you will always be as delightfully happy as Alex and I are!  May God ignite your love all the days of your lives.  May He bless you and bring you joy, patience, kindness, and forgiveness.  May you seek love first, because it is the greatest of all!

Love you both sincerely!

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  1. Weddings, food and friends do indeed make an excellent combo! At least you could post your "toast" on here. :)