Friday, July 1, 2011

Puke and Rally

I could think of a hundred kinder ways to describe how horrific the last 24 hours have been, but you should know the graphic details...

Puke and Rally!

It seems we all caught a terrible stomach bug and have been holed up in the Simba House, quarantined from the village.  The sounds of pattering feet and then violent outbursts toward the porcelain gods were heard throughout the evening and night, and even into the next morning.  The neighbors surely thought we were exorcising demons from within the walls of the mission house. 

It began with Forbes.  What I chalked up to "normal for him" quickly turned into a scary episode.  He stayed in bed all day on Wednesday.  That evening, Mike and I walked home from the craft fair and he admitted feeling a bit weak.  He thought perhaps he was dehydrated.  No sooner did we each the stoop of our house before he was heaving over a toilet along with Forbes.  And as we entered the house, we also found Bob had been taken quite ill. 

The rest of us took bites of our prepared dinner in between outbursts from both ends of the house.  We were all weary to eat much, should we be the next in line.  Sure enough that night I found myself ill, as did Ben, Steve, and Doug.  Miraculously Eric and Fred escaped without a hint of nausea. 

Needless to say, Thursday was a very unproductive day of mission.  Or so one would think.  While only Eric and Steve made it out into the mission field, the rest of us lay bed-ridden.  We all agreed we felt as if we had been run over by a truck, or even hit by a train.  Though we were unable to work on Thursday, God had mighty plans to bring this mission to life.  The prayer chains were ignited and people as far as America and Australia were praying for our speedy recovery.  All of our friends here in Mwandi were up in prayer-arms for us as well. 

Thankfully this morning we are all feeling renewed.  I wouldn't call it 100% recovery, but we are able to make it out of the house which is 180 degree turn from yesterday.  Even Forbes went to the fish ponds to fill sandbags for the lining we set on Wednesday. 

So back to work!  Thanks for your continued prayers and support!  

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