Monday, July 25, 2011


While it may have looked like I was off taking a break from blogging this weekend (sorry no posts), the reality is that I spent most of those precious Saturday and Sunday hours blogging away!  Have you noticed some of the changes around Vegan Faith this week?

For starters, we have a new layout and theme.
It looks pretty doesn't it?

I also spent some time researching "comments".  For a while now I have been frustrated that I can't reply to comments on this blog.  It is not a very user-friendly, advanced system that blogger has put into place.  Therefore, I found a third party commenting system that will allow me to reply right to you when you comment on the blog.  Thank you Disqus!

So far I have been quite pleased with the new comments system.  Of course I have only had a few since I transferred over so it will take some trial and error to find out if it is really right for Vegan Faith.  I hope you enjoy the new system and if you have any questions at all feel free to...well, comment!

Last but not least, I finally took the plunge and re-vamped by Recipes page.  I know how much you loved scrolling down that endless list of recipes that were arranged in no particular order.  Despite how excited you were to waste your precious time on my site scouring through all the pages to find that one you were looking for, I decided to improve the system and purchased RECIpage.  Check out my new page, and trust me you will love it and never look back, just as I have!
I spent the better part of Friday, Saturday and Sunday inputting recipes into this new I'm just sayin' YOU BETTER LOVE IT! And thanks to the Malone's for developing this system for my use and for my readers' use!

Despite the work behind the computer screen this weekend, I did make it out into the sun a bit.
For my "real life" job I hosted a booth at a 5k run in Salisbury.  Salisbury is quickly becoming my new favorite town.  I just adore all the people I meet and the community is active and fun!
This weekend I also discovered a new way to make vegan ice cream...
This recipe rivals Banana Soft Serve as being one of the coolest vegan finds ever!  I know you are interested, but please give me one more trial before I submit this one into the Vegan Faith files!
Even with all the hard work happening around here this weekend, I still managed to get out and have some fun with Forbes via a beer tasting at the Old Meck Brewery.  But it wasn't really until yesterday evening at approximately 6:23pm when I had finished inputting my last recipe into RECIpage that I was really ready in dire need for a cocktail.
Yes. Please.

I sure hope you like all the new updates...because I certainly sacrificed a lot to bring them to you.  Ok, ok, skipping all workouts this weekend probably would have happened either way!

Truthfully though, I love this blog so much, and I love that people actually want to read it, so all this hard work is totally worth it!  Thanks for reading, it makes me feel so special to know that others enjoy Vegan Faith as much as I do!

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