Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Mwandi Marathon

T minus 2 days left in Mwandi. 

Did I mention right around Tuesday how I began to freak out a bit.  It is difficult to be away from home for so long and Tuesday was sort of the realization of the length of our stay.  We had already been gone so long…yet had so much more to go.  It is similar to running a marathon.  When you have reached about the 16th or 17th mile.  You realize the magnitude of the situation.  You have just finished 17 miles and it seems like so much, yet you still have 9 to go…not a short run by any standards (at least not mine!)

Well Tuesday felt like that for me.  17 miles down, yet 9 to go.  I felt trapped.  I had no way out.  I couldn’t get home early.  It would cost me my life’s savings (if I had any!)  No, I was in Africa.  And there was nothing I could do about it for at least 2 more weeks!

Just when the day felt like it could never end, and the long hours stretched out before me, it all began to change.  Suddenly Wednesday and Thursday flew by like the breeze on the Zambezi- of course I slept all day Thursday and that didn’t help.  And then it was Friday, and it too was here and gone before I could blink an eye. 

And now it is Saturday.  And I can’t stop the clock.  It continues to tick away as my hours here become shorter and shorter.  And I’m suddenly struck with the realization that my time here is numbered and now I am having a different sort of “freak-out” moment.  Now I realize I have to leave in just a few short days.  There is no stopping it, no rewinding the clock, nothing I can do to change the timing.  I just have today and tomorrow in Mwandi.  Just two more days. 

I’ve reached the 26th mile.  Just point 2 to go…have I given it my all?  Have I done what I was called here to do?  Today is an exciting day as it is the last day at the OVC.  It will be sad to say goodbye but we have a special treat for the kids and I am anxious to spend today with them.  I am sprinting to the finish line, making every last step count.

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