Friday, July 22, 2011

Baby Lia

A BIG JOYFUL WELCOME TO BABY LIA! She entered the world in the wee early hours this morning and Forbes and I stopped off on our way to a lunch meeting to say hello!  Congratulations to the momma and poppa and of course the big brother!
What a beautiful family?!
And while we are just making shout-outs...I gotta say my husband is pretty awesome.  He is starting to take photos of his food even when I'm not around!
That's a delicious looking bagel sandwich my dear!

Have you checked out the updated site?  I am loving it!  It is clean and pretty and I even have a "Meet Tanya" page now!  That was a long time coming!  Well I am still knee-deep in blog updates, so that is all for now!  Well, I could also share with you that I completed a 6-mile run this morning in this intense heat!  If we could bottle my sweat we would probably fill a small in-ground pool.  Just saying.  On that note...bye!

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