Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lessons from Percy

I was deeply moved by a conversation we had with Pastor Percy today.  Or should I call it a teaching lesson from Percy.  I am sitting here wishing I had taken notes, but at the time I didn’t realize what I was in for. 

I have had little interaction with Pastor Percy since arriving in Mwandi, and now I find myself wishing I had days to spend at his feet learning from his ministry.  He is a profound man with a faith that could literally move mountains and a big heart for the lost.  Never has a man’s faith been more evident to me than it was today.  And I suppose if that is the only lesson I can remember from our afternoon with Pastor Percy, then I was still blessed by his teaching. 

What I do remember is how he made me feel that I was a significant part in this mission.  Not because I have completed any particular project or helped in any sort of great way, but because God had predestined me for this experience.  That God has a purpose for each of our lives, and that this journey for me was just a piece of a bigger puzzle that is my life.  He shared with us how we all hold keys in life and when we arrive in certain places we unlock that puzzle piece.  Our shared experiences and memories will last a lifetime, and long after we are gone the echo of our voices will be heard here.  Just as the echo of their voices will be heard in my heart always.

This morning we enjoyed service at the UCZ Jerusalem Church.  It was the perfect send-off for the rest of our journey.  We saw many familiar faces amongst the congregation.  Mary from the OVC, Pastor Wezi and Pastor Percy, Rosemary who works at the Simba House where we are staying, and many more. 

They invited us to sing for them.  I have yet to meet a tone-deaf Zambian, yet these folks asked the 7 of us off-key Americans to bring them a song.  We went with the simple “Lord Prepare Me” tune, and Doug assured us from the pulpit that we didn’t sound all that bad.  Phew!

Today is certainly a day of rest.  We have just finished our lunch and with nothing on the agenda for the afternoon other than packing, and several visits from friends, I plan to sit in the sun by the Zambezi and catch up on some reflection and prayer.  And probably also a little reading.  As always, I assumed I would have plenty of time to read on this trip, and thus far have made it one chapter into my book. 

This is it…we will spend about 3 more days in Africa, but this leg of our journey has ended.  The next several days we will be unwinding and reflecting on our trip before heading back home.  As you know, we are hitting the road running the moment we return to America, so the next few days will be a welcome change of pace before the wedding next weekend. 

To Eric and Haley…only one more week to go!  I keep forgetting how close it is because we are a world away, but it is so exciting and I cannot wait to see you soon!
 This photo was taken our very first day in the village of Mwandi.  It is hard to believe that tomorrow morning we will be departing!

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