Saturday, July 9, 2011

No Words

We are safely back in the states.  It took 37 hours of air travel/layovers, and a 3 hour drive, but we finally stopped moving around 6pm last night.  Only minutes before participating in a wedding rehearsal and then stepping on a boat for a dinner cruise.  So basically for the last 48 hours we were in motion.

Now, we have slowed down, long enough to post this quick blog and head off to Eric and Haley's wedding.  Surprisingly I have not experienced any jet-lag on this trip and even last night as we floated around the lake, sipping wine and beers, we were awake and alert right up until 11pm when we finally made it to bed (5am Africa time!)

Despite several days in the quiet Savannah on safari, and several days of travel, I haven't quite processed the experience.  So rather than take up time today reflecting on what it feels like to leave a third-world country and jump right back into American society, I will leave you with this video that I created for our last day at the Orphans Center.

The children in the village love to have their photos taken and then to see the picture on the back of your digital camera.  Mike Jette had the fabulous idea to create slideshows to play for the children.  Alex and I spent the morning popping corn for the kids and working on the slideshow.  As expected they were giddy with excitement to see themselves on the big screen!

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